Android alpha

Three Cheers (Android version) is currently in open alpha testing. Announcement posted to Tildes on July 28, 2023.

Google Play Store link

Alternative opt-in link for testing, if you are on web:

APK for sideloading

If you prefer to sideload, an APK is provided here for direct download. Note that it may not be kept as up-to-date as the Google Play release.

Three Cheers v0.5.7 Android APK (18 MB): [2023-09-08] v0.5 first alpha + bugfixes
SHA256: 2034650b9d75fe251c38a161fe685bf7b64e3dde22879ef0588be0f4f060c56b

iOS under development

The iOS version of Three Cheers is currently under development.

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