Announcing Frog Ball

My current project is Frog Ball. It’s an Android game inspired by a wonderful little gem from 1993, the SNES game Sanrio World Smash Ball!

What’s done?

I’ve been working on the very basics for a while. I’ve been spending time familiarizing myself with OpenGL ES 2. Originally I wanted to make an iPhone game, and had been working towards that slowly. But I changed my mind and started over on a new game, Frog Ball.

It pains me to put up these images since they are utter shit right now. But since this is a devlog, who cares. The point is to show any and all progress, not to impress.

The title screen:

title screen

The host screen:

title screen

The join screen:

title screen

The game screen:

title screen

As you can see, I’m using the wonderful libgdx game framework for Android/desktop/HTML5.

What you can’t see is that I’m also using the AllJoyn framework for device-to-device communication. I’ve actually got this part working before doing the actual game. I figured it would be easier to design the game with networking up front, rather than write the full game and heavily refactor to add networking support.

It’s been close to a month since I started. I lost a few days of that spent on reddit is fun instead. The time doesn’t include all the time I spent in September learning OpenGL and iOS stuff. But that was for another project, now on my backburner, so let’s say today is Day 25 for Frog Ball.

Target: Xmas

I’m aiming for a Christmas release for the AllJoyn App Challenge which has a submission deadline of December 27.


10 November 2012