Where to get it

Free version with optional ads

Lite version on Google Play Lite version on Amazon

Old version 2.3.6 for Android, supports Android 1.6 Donut

$1.99 golden platinum version

Pro version on Google Play Pro version on Amazon Pro version on BlackBerry App World


What’s the difference between lite and pro?

Lite requires you to enable ads to activate pro features. Pro is a one-time $1.99 payment.

Pro features include:

Where’s the source code?

reddit is fun is currently closed source as of version 2.0 which was a rewrite.

Diode is an open source GPL fork of reddit is fun 1.3.

What’s the best way to contact you about bugs and suggestions?

My email on the Google Play page. Or /u/talklittle.

I welcome additions to these FAQs too.

Usage FAQ

How do I register an account?

Via the reddit website.

Why am I being rate limited?

You should verify your email.

How do I view the sidebar?

First you have to be within a subreddit, not the frontpage and not /r/all or /r/mod. Click the “i” icon in the top bar.

Why do webpages and images reload when I rotate my device?

This is fixed in version 2.7.3, released January 25, 2013.

Are animated GIFs supported?

They are supported, but it depends on your device. Manufacturers have the ability to disable GIF animations in Android WebViews.

If your device is affected, and you see still images instead of animated GIFs, your best bet is to open the GIF in the external Android Browser, which has custom GIF support.